Temporary Protective Orders (TPOs) in Jonesboro, GA

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Temporary Protective Orders, usually abbreviated as a TPO, are documents issued by a court that helps protect you from an abuser or someone that is threatening/harassing you. The order requires the abuser/harasser to stay a certain distance away from you, your place of work, and your home at all times.

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TPOs: The Ins and Outs

Many counties in Georgia have a victim’s assistance division in their courthouse or nearby, that can assist people in drafting a petition for a protective order. An attorney is not necessary for this however, documentation such as recordings, photographs or witnesses are important to establish that the incident(s) occurred. Otherwise the court considers it a “he-said she-said” matter. The burden of proof is not as heavy as in a criminal matter but still requires more than the petitioner’s word against the perpetrator.

If you are being subjected to domestic violence, call the police. They will come out, prepare an incident report and help you at a TPO hearing if subpoenaed. They may make out a criminal case against the offender.

There are shelters for battered people in most counties. Their phone numbers are not always published, but the court or an office that handles mediation should have this information.

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