Searching for a Divorce Attorney in Jonesboro?

Searching for a Divorce Attorney in Jonesboro?

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Divorce is one of your life's biggest decisions, and it's one of the most complicated areas of domestic law--especially when you're having to deal with issues of child support, child custody, and divisions of property and assets. Add in the emotions and turmoil that divorce can bring, and the situation can quickly escalate out of control.

Don't face this event alone. Turn to trusted divorce attorney Teresa O. Weiner, Attorney at Law for sound counsel concerning your divorce in and around the Jonesboro, GA area. She has decades of experience in divorce law, and will provide your family with the personalized attention and dedication that you need to get through this tough time.

Grounds for Divorce

The most prevalent ground for divorce is irretrievably broken. This means that your marriage, which is a partnership under the law, is no longer possible because one or both of you no longer want to be married. Once you file for divorce and your only ground is “irretrievably broken, ” you can’t have sexual relations with your spouse or the court will consider that the marriage is NOT in fact irretrievable and could deny the divorce.

If your spouse is committing adultery and comes to you to “confess” and you continue to stay with the spouse and try to work out the marriage, the opposing counsel could raise the defense of condonation (or that you condoned the behavior) in a divorce. Make certain that if you do stay in the marriage after such a revelation by your spouse, that you make it clear you are willing to work on the marriage, but with the understanding that this behavior does not continue.

Impact on Property

Georgia divides property in a divorce based upon the principle of equity. This means that your property is divided based upon “fairness” and not community property; thus, your property will be divided based upon actions of the parties. If your name isn’t on the deed, it will not impact your potential ownership interest in any property that was purchased during the marriage. Property acquired during the marriage is marital property.

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