Guiding Georgia Residents Through Tough Legal Battles

Guiding Georgia Residents Through Tough Legal Battles

Teresa O. Weiner, Attorney at Law of Metro Atlanta is Here for You & Your Family

Teresa O. Weiner has been practicing law since 1979, notably studying law under the renowned Atlanta lawyer Paul Weiner. She started out in criminal law, then branched out to offer legal counsel for personal injury, civil law matters, and probate law issues, including wills and trusts. Later on, she began her own practice: Teresa O. Weiner, Attorney at Law.

Her practice focuses on criminal, civil and domestic work. Teresa also handles juvenile cases. This practice area is very close to her heart, as she is the mother of five children and the grandmother to many. Family is extremely important to Teresa, and she will advocate on the behalf of those protecting juvenile rights.

She’s also handled many high-profile cases throughout her 35+ year career. Notably, she served as a litigator for the Deepwater Horizon case, where she was involved with over 12,000 civil suits. Teresa continues to make a name for herself in the Peach State and across the nation.

A passionate attorney on your side

Many cases end in litigation. Teresa sticks with her clients through thick and thin to fight for the best outcome for their case. She believes it’s important to:

  • Make sure a client is a good fit for the case
  • Refer clients to other attorneys for their success
  • Take careful steps to fight for a favorable resolution

If you’d like to work with Teresa O. Weiner of the Metro Atlanta area, schedule a time for a free in-person consultation today at 770-471-0092.

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