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Are you facing criminal charges? Going through a divorce or custody battle? Work with Teresa O. Weiner, Attorney at Law. You can trust Teresa for domestic law, juvenile law, divorce law and criminal law defense in Jonesboro, GA and the surrounding area including Metro Atlanta, Clayton, Henry, Coweta, and Fayette. She has eclectic experience with a range of cases touching on many areas of the law, and she will use her knowledge to help you with your situation.

Don’t work with an inexperienced lawyer. Teresa has been practicing for over 25 years and has your best interest in mind. Get in touch with Teresa O. Weiner, Attorney at Law for assistance today.

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Whether you need a DUI defense lawyer or a concern about child support payments in Jonesboro, GA, and the surrounding Metro Atlanta area, you can put your trust in Teresa O. Weiner, Attorney at Law. With her diverse experience and passion for the law, she will fight for you inside and outside of the courtroom. Get in touch with a trusted attorney to discuss our legal needs today.

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Many cases end in litigation, whether it’s a civil or criminal case. Make sure you have the right person in your corner when that time comes. Past clients recommend Teresa O. Weiner for criminal, juvenile and domestic law in Jonesboro, GA, and the surrounding Metro Atlanta area because of her:
  • Passion and competitive nature
  • Service-oriented customer relationships
  • Diverse expertise in many areas of the law

Additionally, Teresa will take the time to make sure her clients are a good match. If you’d like to see if Teresa can work well for your legal needs, call today.

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